Gear Grabbers Racing

The Bonnyville Gear Grabbers Race Team takes pride in offering action at the races for those who have the need for speed, horsepower, and acceleration. We consist of a local group of volunteers who share the same passion.

Drag Racing Dates

Gear Grabbers Test & Tune (RACERS ONLY)

Saturday, June 1st 2024

Location: Bonnyville Regional Airport

This is a RACERS ONLY (sorry no public admission) event and a chance for enthusiasts/racers to get out…. test, tune, & race in a casual setting!

REGISTRATION: 7am to 10am
RACING: 10:30+
We race till no one wants to race anymore!

$60 Entry Fee

-First-timers, amateurs, and experienced racers ALL welcomed & encouraged.

-A friend/pit member will be permitted.

Test & Tune Saturday, June 1st 2024

Gear Grabbers Race Weekend

Friday, July 5th 2024:

Meet & Greet/Mini Show & Shine (5pm to 8pm) Optional cruise to follow.

Open to Racers & ALL enthusiasts...You do not need to be racing Sat or Sun to show off your ride!

Saturday, July 6th 2024:

REGISTRATION: 7am – 9:45am

Sunday, July 7th 2024:

REGISTRATION: 7am-9:45am

Racers: $60 entry fee
Public Admission: $10ea (12 & Under Free!)

Format: 1/8 Mile, Bracket Racing, Grudge Racing

First Timers, Amateurs & Experienced Racers Encouraged!

Racer camping available.
Racer gates open Friday at 3pm

Gear Grabbers Race Weekend July 5-7 2024

An Opportunity for all Racers.

Our events are aimed at the amateur drag racer who wants to try the sport without feeling overwhelmed, as well as any seasoned racers that want to come out and enjoy a great day of racing or put on a show!

Anyone is welcome at the airport to take in the races.

  • 4443 feet total length of runway. 75 feet wide.
  • Paved and grass area off track.
  • Paved pit lane. Open to spectators.
  • 1/8th Mile, Bracket Format. Grudge racing if time permits.
  • Street legal, Race Cars, Diesels, Sleds, Motorcycles Allowed. (See tech rules for further details)
  • Lanes will be prepped to the best of our abilities.
  • .500 Sportsman tree for staging and takeoff
  • Fully timed races with printouts including R/T, 60ft, speed, and E/T
  • Concession with hot food, snacks, and beverages
  • Full live commentary, announcements, and background music
  • Bleacher seating for spectators
  • Ground level lawn chair seating also optional for spectators
  • Easy, paved access. Minutes from Bonnyville.

Tech Rules

The following is a basic guideline of the tech rules for our drag race events. For further detailed rules please visit the IHRA website:

  • Vehicles cannot leak fluids, parts, or pieces.
  • Frame’s/undercarriage must be 100% free of mud excessive dirt etc.
  • Steering components 100% functioning… steering wheel secured & no excessive play.
  • Brakes have to stop the vehicle. Brakes can/will be checked for excessive play etc.
  • Tires must have no cords showing, no weather checking etc.
  • Tires must be in reasonable condition. No M/T or aggressive tires permitted.
  • Carburetor must have return throttle spring.
  • Must have neutral safety switch
  • Battery secured and external shut off for rear mounted battery.
  • Must have radiator overflow catch can.
  • All windows intact & rolled up.
  • All truck boxes must be empty and clean. No garbage, tidy tanks, 5th wheel hitches etc.
  • All wheel lugs present/exposed & tight.
  • Driveshaft loop required when running 8.60(13.50) or faster with blias ply drag slicks.
  • Quads, bikes & sleds must have tethers. Operator must have leather suit.
  • Helmet mandatory and in acceptable condition.
  • Driver must wear sleeved shirt and long pants. No open toe shoes allowed.
  • Seat belts mandatory. Belts & seats must be in good condition and securely mounted.
  • Roll bars required when running 7:50(11.50) and faster, convertibles 8.65(13.50) and faster, 2008 and newer vehicles 6.40(10.00) and faster.
  • Tech inspector has the right to refuse any vehicle if they feel the vehicle is unsafe and/or does not pass inspection.

Changes for 2023

GRUDGE RACERS: Please read below rules as there are changes for 2023!

Of course we still have our primary bracket classes (you can enter in both bracket & grudge) but for those of you who want to do some heads up racing on a challenging surface or just get in extra hits, this is your chance!

As we have seen in the last few years of running grudge class… it’s not always the lightest car, or the guy with the most HP that wins. We prep the lanes to the best of our abilities but due to the type of surface at the Bonnyville airstrip it can be a challenge to put horsepower down!


  • Tagged/Registered Vehicles Only. No other restrictions… Small tire, big tire, forced induction, NA, we don’t care!
  • Must make a quick cruise with your race vehicle into Bonnyville and take a photo in front of our two lane sponsors (NAPA & Overdrive HD). This is approx. a 13km round trip… All paved. We encourage you to make the cruise Friday evening after our Show & Shine or allot yourself time Saturday morning. Photo must be posted on our Facebook page or shown to our Racemaster prior to entering grudge.


  • Anything and everything goes.
    (Chassis cars, street cars, altered, etc etc)
  • Street cars are welcome to take a shot at the big boys!


  • 400 pro tree
  • “heads up” even start
  • 1/8th Mile
  • No cry babies
  • Random pairing until final 16 cars (pending car count), then will be paired based on reaction time.
  • Racemaster MAY alter beginning pairing’s to keep things as fair & fun as possible. This will be discussed in the drivers meeting with the racers prior to the class starting.
  • 1st place prize for the winner of each day
  • $40 (per day) additional entry fee will apply to enter Grudge…. this help us cover the cost of the 1st place prize. Keep in mind you can still race in the bracket classes… that cost is already covered in your gate fee!

Event Rules

  • Format will be 1/8th Mile Bracket Racing
  • .500 Sportsman Tree
  • Street legal, Race Cars, Diesels, Sleds, Motorcycles Allowed. (See tech rules for further details)
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct or disrespect of the airport grounds or staff will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the track.
  • No drugs or alcohol consumptions while the tree is up.
  • Hangers & planes are private property. Do not enter or touch.
  • All drivers must show a valid driver’s license. Ages 16-18 are required to fill out a parental consent form.
  • Drivers must wear sleeved shirts and long pants. No open toed shoes allowed.
  • Pit speed limit is 15km/hr.
  • Dial-ins must be visible on the front and drivers side.
  • NO stunting whatsoever.
  • All vehicles must pass tech inspection.
  • No draining of any fluids on the grounds.
  • No passengers on track or in staging lanes.
  • Pay attention to officials at all times. Keep in mind their decision is final.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m not racing, but I’d like to participate in the Friday evening Show & Shine. Can I show up?

A: YES! We encourage all enthusiasts to bring out their ride. Classic cars, modern muscle, imports, 4×4’s, motorcycles, race cars, rat rods etc etc. If you’re an enthusiast with a cool to you ride… bring it out! This is a casual event with no charge to participants or the public.

Q: Is camping available?

A: YES! Camping is available to RACERS ONLY (and their crew) for the July Race Weekend event. One camper per race vehicle. Space is limited so if you plan to camp, please show up Friday eve or early Sat morning to secure a spot. Racer gates open Friday at 3pm.

Q: Hotel recommendations?

A: Bonnyville has a vast selection of hotels to choose from, however we have secured a discounted rate of $99/night for racers at the Bonnyville Neighborhood Inn (780)826-3300. This also includes their locally famous breakfast buffet! Please mention you are in town for the races to receive the discounted rate.

Q: I’ve never raced before, but want to try it out. Is this a good opportunity?

A: YES! First timers, beginners, amateurs, etc are welcome & encouraged! There will be tons of experienced racers & track staff around to get support from, ask questions etc.

Q: Do I pre-register?

A: Yes please! By pre-registering you are automatically entered into a draw to win your registration fees back and a cool merch package! We do not take payment in pre-registration… we take payment when you arrive at the gate.

Q: I can’t make it Saturday, but I can Sunday (or vise versa)… is this a problem?

A: While we hope everyone participates in both dates this is not a problem! Both dates are separate race events entirely.

Q: I want to race both Race Weekend dates… do I pay one entry fee or two?

A: The $60 entry fee is PER DAY. Please mention at registration if you are intending to run both dates.

Q: Where can I find tech info etc?

A: Please visit

Q: What is the July Race Weekend registration & tech process etc?

A: Once you arrive on the grounds… follow the signs to our registration trailer. Once registered you will head into the pits & park, off load etc. From their take your race vehicle straight to tech. If you drove your race vehicle to the airport just head straight to tech after registration. Tech will be open Sat/Sun (7am to 9:45am).

Q: I was at the May 2023 Test & Tune. Do I need to go through tech again in July?

A: Yes… however the sign off/inspection process will be much quicker!

Q: Is the rumor true? Is there a true return lane now?

A: YES! A new return lane was constructed in 2021 so we officially have a freshly constructed/paved return lane attached to the race track. That means more time for racing, and less time waiting for race vehicles to return!

Q: My car is slow. Am I just going to get my ass kicked?

A: No! That’s the beauty of bracket/dial in racing. Consistency, strategy, & reaction time is the key! Anyone can win!

Q: Is there prizes?

A: YES! 1st place prizes each day for all bracket & grudge classes.

Got a question? Shoot us an email or reach out to one of the following contacts:

Dan Golby: 780-201-3328
Shon Gamache: 780-573-8951
Trent Law: 780-207-0023
Cayle Scherger 780-201-2277

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Questions? Call us today!

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