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Bonnyville Gear Grabbers Car Club is a non-profit, volunteer based, organization controlled by its members that is dedicated to providing a safe and suitable atmosphere for enthusiast’s and their families, while promoting friendship, helping fellow clubs & organizations, supporting local charities and to provide enthusiasts with a clean, local, organized car club while gaining public interest in the hobby we all love. Established in 2011 with a few members, the club ended 2011 with over 50 members, and tremendous support from local businesses resulting in a very successful first year. Our First Annual Gear Grabbers Classic saw over 100 entrees and the show was a huge success providing an excellent building block for future show and shines. The club hopes to continue to expand and grow to be a key part of the Bonnyville community for years to come.


Committed to promoting the sport and hobby of owning, altering, building, collecting, modifying, and the preservation of all makes and models of automobile's both past and present.

What Does The Club Do?

Club members host and participate in cruises, car shows, local events, BBQ's, and other get togethers. Meetings are held monthly in order to discuss future events and ideas and to simply just get together with fellow enthusiasts and members.

What Do I Get When I Join?

The satisfaction of being a part of a growing car club! After joining you gain access to all club events and activities and the right to vote on club decisions at monthly meetings. You also gain the right to express any feedback or idea’s you may have that could benefit the club or community. You also gain access to members only apparel and of course a complimentary Gear Grabbers Decal. More to Come!

New Members are instantly added to our member data base. You will be kept up to date on news, events, and other club related activities via email, Facebook and our website. If you do not have access to email you will be contacted by phone.


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